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How To Use Valo Crosshair Pro?

1. Crosshair Selection and Detail

Select one of the crosshairs from the list in the application and go to the detail page of the crosshair you chose.

2. Accessing Valorant Settings

Open the Valorant game on your PC and click on the settings icon in the main menu. Then open your crosshair settings by selecting the "Crosshair" tab.

3. Code Copy and Import

Copy the crosshair code by clicking the "Copy" button on the crosshair detail page in the application. Then, click the "Import" button in the crosshair settings tab in Valorant, paste the code you copied and complete the transfer.


Alternatively, if you want to change the settings manually instead of copying the crosshair code directly, you can manually adjust these settings in the crosshair tab in Valorant by examining the settings specified on the detail page in the application one by one.

4. Completion

Once the process is completed, you can enjoy the game with your new crosshair settings in Valorant.


🎉 These steps will help you set a new crosshair for your Valorant game using the Valo Crosshair Pro app.

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